Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jump Start On Christmas

Hi Blogger Friends! I've been working like mad trying to get my "away" Christmas gift baskets done up. Here is a small sampling of what I've been up to.
This basket is a Hot Buttered Rum Basket! The round tin is the Rimmer, the jar is the Hot Buttered Rum mix, and the wonderful round candle is a chocolate scented candle. And Oh, my goodness, does it smell like Chocolate!!! absolutely wonderful!! I got the goodies for this basket from my downline, Shelly, who sells Epicure. Such a great product, and the tins and jars are such pretty shapes to cover. The basket and paper shred are from Michael's, and the chocolate candle I bought in the mall from a specialty vendor. Sorry the picture had to be taken on my carpet, but its such a cruddy day outside, there's not even great outdoor light to make use of. The wind is just howling, apparently from 50 - 80 km an hour this afternoon. A great excuse to stay inside and stamp!!
Have a great day, I'll have another project posted tomorrow. :-)

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Big Sky Paper & Design said...

This is wonderful Debbie! What a great gift! Love the way you decotated the tin and jar, great basket from {Mike's} too! TFS