Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tale of Two Scrapbooking Pages

Hi there!! Today I am sharing a scrapbook page I did of our DD and our Sophie dog.  Obviously I couldn't decide on the colour or black and white photo so I did one of both! 

As well, I don't know that I'm thrilled with the butterfly, but because these pages have been created with MDS, I can just go in at a later date and make the changes I want. I don't know if I want the butterfly bigger or something else in there.....we'll see!! I think maybe a button or something like a brad on the butterfly might work.

I do love my MDS, and have been working diligently on our New York album, so I'll share a few more of those as they are completed.

Thanks for dropping by!!
Deb :)

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Beth said...

Guess we were on the same wave length - scrapbooking!! I did some pages this weekend also. Love your MDS pages Debbie they are wonderful. The photos are super and I like your added embellishments!