Friday, May 14, 2010

We passed our Obedience Test!! whoo hoo!

This is Tucker, our 4 year old maleThis is Sophie, our 1 1/2 year old female.

Hi there!  Just a quick hello to let you know I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth!! I've been busy spring cleaning and doing this and that, the days somehow seem to fly by. I had a workshop this past week with a couple of wonderful friends, I'll be sure to post the cards we did, they were fun and I think the ladies really liked them!!

Also, I wanted to mention that Sophie and I actually passed Obedience Class!!! Whoo Hoo for us!!!!! I really & truly didn't know if we were going to get that passing grade. The doggies have to do a one minute sit stay and a three minute down stay. There are 6 dogs, all lined up on the line, and they do this exercise together.  If one breaks and gets up, several other tend to follow. That's where I was so worried about Sophie because she's quite a skittery little gal and if someone makes a quick move, she's up and jumps before she knows it!! But she did both of the exercises perfectly, I was so impressed. We also did well on our other testing and get this ~ our mark was 198 out of 200!!~  I was pretty surprised!! We work hard at our training but she's hit and miss some days.  Or maybe I'm hit and miss some days!!  Its definitely a "sport" that both handler and dog need to participate fully in!!

Thankfully, I can now groom her!! As I mentioned, she's so skittery she hates to be groomed and will hide away an entire afternoon after grooming, like we've been mean or something. I mean, its just a shaver for goodness sake, and some scissoring around the eyes & beard, but she's so scared of it all. So, I didn't dare groom her for fear of her being a little goofy for our test!! Her and Tucker, our male dog, love to romp in the grass and its showing on their coats right now.  So, grooming is on the "to do list" for sure.

Our weather is finally cooperating and I dare think we may have spring!!  May long weekend doesn't look promising for warmer weather but as long as their no "S" word, I'm sure we'll all be happy. Especially the campers!!

Take care and I'll be posting those card pics soon. I have some flower pics taken but they are on DH's camera so I'll have to wait to retrieve them from there.

Have a great day and enjoy your afternoon!!

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June Houck said...

Your dogs are stylin'! They take after you, Stylish Debbie :)

I look forward to your post on the cards you made from your workshop!