Monday, April 26, 2010

Another MDS Inspiration Page

Hi there! Today's share is another MDS inspiration page I made for my DD.  This is the same picture as the post below, but in colour. I changed the song up to "My Wish"  by Rascal Flatts, another of her favourites. One thing I have noticed when copying a song to a scrap page is that it certainly helps when you are familiar with the song itself!! It helps the words make more sense (how they go together) as a song isn't always written like a poem. 

I loved the background on this photo, it was taken last year in April at Cavendish, PEI.  It was gorgeous that day, unusually warm  at +20 degrees C, but a bit windy. The ocean was still cold but the sun, the sky and the shore were amazing, I can only imagine how beautiful it would be on a summer day. 

I've been super busy with my Big Shot making flower pins of all types and sizes. Wow, the ideas are endless!! I was going to photograph them last night but our son borrowed the camera so it will have to wait til later, as Sophie and I have obedience classes today.

Obedience is going well, although she's still very skittery when we get there. Sophie does all her commands near perfect at home (except the Down, we are still  working on that!), but during class she finds all the other dogs so interesting, its hard for her to focus.

There's a Rottweiller there, he is the most beautiful Rotty I've ever seen but he barks and barks and barks at every dog.  He even makes me crazy. (so we call him the Rotten-Weiller)!!  The Pitbull cross named MoJo is pretty funny ~ he will not sit completely on the ground during sit-stay, he just hovers, his bum never hits the floor,  its so funny!! A small dog recently joined our group and MoJo really likes the look of this dog, he's always got his eye on her and is licking his chops, makes me kind of nervous!! :-) Thank goodness there is a "no mingling" rule, as they don't want the dogs to think they are they to play (or eat!) but they want them to realize they are there to work and learn.

Most of the other dogs are Labs and one Shepherd, so Sophie, a 34 pound Standard Schnauzer,  is actually the 2nd smallest dog there. Its alot of fun, but hard work and it requires dedication to your dog, as its really training yourself to train your dog. The dogs (and humans) are all doing quite well, its fun to see everyone's progress. So wish us luck, I think we do testing in 2 weeks!! Hopefully we get that Down command just right!!

Edited to add: I found out today that MoJo is actually an American Bull dog, not a Pit Bull, although his colouring really looked pit bull to me.  He was still eyeing the little dog though!!  Obedience went well, Sophie is feeling a little more relaxed and did great today. We have pretest next week, so this week I'll have to spend a fair bit of time on her training (or MY training! heehee)

Thanks for dropping by and I'll have some flower pin pics soon!!

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Beth said...

Love the colours on the page, it makes the beach and ocean show up nicely in the the background of a great photo of your DD :) I like the border around the page it frames everything so nicely!