Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Digital Studio!!

Hi Everyone!!! Well, I finally succumbed to purchasing My Digital Studio! Actually, I got it for Christmas. It was one of those gifts that my DH asked me to order for myself (from him). The funny thing is that he put it away to wrap and then promptly forgot about it!! So, needless to say, I got a few extra things this year, lucky me!! That also saved me from having to open it in front of the kids and pretending to be surprised! :-)

I really really LOVE this program!!! I'm still very new at it but find it super easy to use and a great way to instantly scrap when a special event or a particular picture motivates me to want to create a page.

This page is of our dog Sophie; she was only about 3 months old last Christmas. This page didn't take too long to create as I used a ready made template and is one of the first things I've tried my hand at.

Thanks so much for dropping by and have a wonderful day.


June Houck said...

Color me impressed! I have such anxiety over is amazing I have learned to blog. No small feat for me :)

Patti said...

Well it looks like you mastered it! Merry Christmas!

Tina said...

Great job! I also bought this and I love using it to make my own flyers for classes.

Now if only I'd take the time to actually make some scrapbook pages...:)

Beth said...

Oh so cute!!! Glad you got MDS - I know you have been wanting it! You will have to let me know if you are finding it easy to use:)