Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Digi Scrap Fun!!

Hi there! Wow, I've been having fun with my new Digital Scrapbooking Studio!!! I've been working on quite a few different things but wanted to share a very quick & easy 12 x 12 page with you.
I love to scrapbook our pets, they are so photogenic!! This page is of our old gal Kellie Cat. We've had Kellie for 16 years now; she was a pregnant stray who wandered onto my friend's farm one day, giving birth to 11 kittens a few weeks later. She's only ever weighed about 7 pounds so that was a HUGE litter for her small body!! (very fertile genes, one of her kittens had a litter of 12!) My friend asked if we would take her after all the kittens had been adopted ~ of course we said yes!!
So, she's 17+ years old now and still going strong. She sleeps more than she used to but her fur is still glossy and she enjoys teasing the dogs every once in awhile, pretending she wants their rawhide bone! She'll lay there and push it around, scenting & pawing it; the dogs just watch her with amazement. They are smart and recognize she's elderly, treating her with respect. But you can see them thinking, "hmm, she's not really gonna chew it is she???? what will we do then???"
Thanks so much for dropping by!


Patti said...

Super cute page! Your kitty is adorable! A part of the family I'm sure!

Beth said...

This page is really nice, I like the fresh colours and the layout is super! Great blog banner too :)