Friday, November 14, 2008


Our New Pup!! Yes, we did it, we bought a new puppy! We brought her home tonight at 7pm, and she was a little nervous of Tucker, what pup wouldn`t be. He is just a little overbearing sometimes! :-)

This little lovely is 9 weeks old, and a Standard Schnauzer, same as Tucker. She is a much gentler soul though, it seems. She is absolutely adorable, and has the sweetest face. I am so in love with her already, and she`s only hours old to us!

She was crying in her little area we`ve made for her, and Tucker was laying beside it, talking and crying with her. It was really cute. As well, he let her chew any of his bones that he has laying around, I thought that was good sign. He can be a dominant type of dog, so this was good. Sharing is a good thing! :-)

We are still considering her name. She is now known as PUP, but that has to change. Poor Tucker was PUP for about 2 weeks, but I`m thinking we`re closer on her name! Some of our thoughts are:

Sophie (my personal favourite, but Rory`s not quite sold on it yet....the kids and I started calling her that when she came home, it just suited her)

Daisy (not so much now, she doesn`t really look like a Daisy)

Hilde ( I really like this one, but I`m not sure she is a Hilde)



Rosie (no one but me likes this one)

So, as you can see, it might take a couple of days to narrow down the names, but its fun!!
Wish me luck in getting a good sleep tonight! She`s never slept in a crate before, this could be interesting!
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Big Sky Paper & Design said...

OMG!!! She is so cute!!! Sophie would be a great name if you decide on that!!! Tucker must be smitten!