Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! :-)

Good Afternoon Blogger Friends! Did everyone have a great Thanksgiving? I'm still full from yesterday's dinner, and I really didn't overeat this year!! We had our celebration dinner last night but it was really our second, as our bestest friend's invited us to the city to share their dinner with them on Saturday. We had a wonderful evening with them, lots of great food, friends, and of course, several different wines to enjoy as well! The dessert wine was especially wonderful, light and not too sweet.
The pictures above are from our dinner yesterday, and the table looks a little small because our oldest son is away working, so we missed his wonderful company at dinner. He's such a comedien,he has everyone in stitches the whole meal. :-) He's missed a few Thanksgivings with the family, his first when he went away to play Junior A hockey at 18 years old. That was kind of hard, he still seemed like a "boy" then....although, who am I kidding, our kids will always be "kids" I think, even if they look grown up and fool the world into thinking they are adults! haha I know those of you who have grown children are chuckling right now, aren't you? We know they aren't quite as grown up as they look.....!! And that's okay, because we always want them to be our "kids".
On another note, did everyone VOTE in the Federal Election today??? Its always so strange to cast your ballot here in the West when you know that the Eastern part of the country has voted and pretty much made the decision before you even put your "x" on that ballot!! So much of the population is in Eastern Canada, although we are growing out here too. But alas, we have no Toronto in the West, Vancouver is a close second I guess.
Anyway, happy voting day to you all!
I'll be posting tomorrow with some samples of the new Cardinal and newest designer paper, Ski Slope, which is utterly amazing......
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Big Sky Paper & Design said...

Such a pretty table for Thanksgiving Debbie! Hope you enjoyed your dinner together!