Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stuff to come..... :-)

Hi there Blogger Friends;

I went stamping with my wonderful friend yesterday, and had a great time. Felt so good to stamp with a friend, although I'm sure I talked her ear off.....those of you who know me probably have a hard time believing that :-)
We did some Christmas cards, and created a gorgeous cookie plate. I'll be finishing it today, and will try to post it later. As well, she was great inspiration to try stamping Sleigh Bells Ring on a coaster, and I've almost got that completed too. (although I wasn't sure if i should use the coaster, I think I only have 100 of them left! :-) )
This cute little card uses retired designer paper and some cute rhinestone type stickys. I picked them up in Kelowna a few years ago, and if you can imagine, am finally using them now. Yup, I can be a hoarder too....:-) I also painted over the image with the lumiere and ink, to create a shimmery finish, probably hard to see in the photo. Oh, and I also meant to use the ticket corner punch on this, but before I realized which one I had grabbed, I was punching the corner tag punch, and voila, what do you do? It looks okay..
Be sure to check back, I'll have some neat things to share. Have a great day!


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