Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flower Fun with the Big Shot and Heat Gun!!

Hi there! Today I am finally sharing the pictures of my fabric flowers!!! These are made using the Flower Die from SU! and a poly-nylon type fabric.  Each flower is just graduated circles, cut and stacked, secured with a brad and then heated with your embossing gun!! Wow are they fun to make!!! I really heated these flowers and allowed them to "crumple" in towards the center, I really like how the turned out. The white flower is kind of cool, its a different fabric than the others and really heated to almost melting!

If you go to Christie Daugherty's blog,  found HERE  you will find instructions, inspiring photos and a wonderful set of YouTube videos to "talk you through" the process.

 If only there were more hours in the day......

Edited to add: My pup Sophie got ahold of the green flower, see how its sort of wonky on the right side? So easy to fix though, just blast it again with the embossing/heat gun and voila!! fixed flower.  Beware of doggies getting these flowers though, for some reason the scrunchy nylony fabric must feel good on their teeth because Sophie will actually sneak one off my table and go hide to chew it. She doesn't wreck them, she just enjoys "scrunching" them with her teeth.  :)

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Patti said...

OMGosh these are awesome! Off to check out the tutorial! Thanks for the heads up!

Beth said...

Wow, these are great flower pins Debbie! Love the colours you used for them!