Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here Kittie Kittie!

Hi there! I was checking out June's amazing blog and came across this posting here of her lovely Kitty Skeeziks! What a cutie her Senior Kitty is!! I told her I'd share a picture of our Senior Kitty, Miss Kellie Cat. She's about 17 years old now, if not a little older. She's such a pretty little thing, very tiny at about 7 pounds and will come when you call her, just like a dog! She sleeps with me under the covers when its cold and loves fresh cream every morning. Our two larger doggies actually do respect her and don't make her life miserable, although she does enjoy making them chase her down the hallway here and there. They never really catch her, although if they get close they are careful. I do think these animals know to respect each other and they know she's an old granny! She had 11 kittens when she was 6 months old, and at about a year had a broken leg that had to be pinned both on the inside & out (that's when she became an inside cat only!)

She's been my DD's companion since she was a baby; Kellie would always lay near her, keeping a watchful eye on her like Nana in Peter Pan. :-)
Thanks for taking time to drop by!

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June Houck said...

Miss Kellie Cat is beatiful in her senior years...and so regal too :) Give her a kiss for me!