Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Morning! I just wanted to check in and say "hi" to my friends and readers (who are the same people of course!! ) Thought I'd post a picture of the Canada Geese who live in our "backyard". I originally mentioned the geese a few weeks back; there was one family of about 7 who lived here for most part of the summer, and then they were joined by another family of about 6 or so. And now as you can see with this picture, there must have been a family reunion or something, because absolutely everyone showed up!!! I enjoy watching them, although I'm sure the golf course could do without so many of them, quite a bit of clean up and such :-)
My Mother in Law has been visiting the past week; we've been busy sightseeing and shopping so my stamp studio is getting a little lonely I think! I'll be back by week's end with some posting, please be sure to check back then!
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June Houck said...

This is prettier than a post card! What a beautiful setting :)