Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Pup & Her Sister

Another quick picture of Pup! This is Pup and her sister, before we brought her home. There were 6 males & 2 females in the litter. My Daughter felt just awful about leaving Pink behind. (the breeder gave them each a collar as they were born, and our girl's was Purple, her sister was Pink). My Daughter felt like she was abandoning the other pups. I guess I won't be breeding our girl, my Daughter would want to keep each new pup in a litter!
She cries and cries when we put her in the pen. I know for a fact she was in the pen at the breeders, but maybe its just too lonely in there by herself now!! She seems to always want out.
Tucker isn't too sure of her. He likes her, but is a bit dominant over his household. Its funny, though, he'll let her chew all his chew toys, which surprised me. He's even tried to play with her, and she with him. He's never been around other dogs at all, so this is all extremely new to him. She's a whole lot of fun, and the sweetest little dog! She fits right in with us, and with some effort, Tucker will be a little more gentle around her and realize she's a Pup, not a full grown dog to play with. :-)
See you soon,

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