Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas Basket Number One

Hi again! Here is the first installment of gift baskets that I've created for family & friends. What do you think? I really enjoyed making this basket and tried to fill it with things the recipient will really enjoy. Included in there are: Tin of Candied Ginger, Tin of Tea from the Chateau Frontenac, Hot Buttered Rum Mix, Sugar Rimmer for Hot Beverages, a Purse/Bag of Indivually wrapped chocolates, and two tins of specialy cookies. I was going to make cookies, but these were fantastic looking cookies, and I love the tins they are in.
For presentation, I would normally have more raffia in there, but I want the items to actually sit lower in the basket for mailing purposes. If they are nestled in there they won't have as much opportunity to bounce around in transit. I also have a beautiful set of leather gloves to go in there, I just have to figure out how to wrap them. If you can believe it, I am actually OUT of this designer paper! I truly thought I would have it forever, as I had quite a few sheets of these colour combinations!
Hope you have a great afternoon,and be sure to check in as I'll have some more uploads in the coming days!
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Big Sky Paper & Design said...

I'm guessing this one's for your MIL??? SHe likes the candies ginger right? Gorgeous Debbie! Love everything about it including the beautiful basket!!!